The named beach "Lindbergh-Beach":


Many people give the explanation that the name given to the beach of Denneville "Lindbergh-Beach" comes from the crossing in 1927, creation date of "the Hotel of the Sea and the Beach", where Lindbergh passed to the top of fascinating Denneville like land-mark the construction of the hotel to aim Paris.

It would be a beautiful story, but the truth is more pragmatic and more economic aspect.


Forever Lindbergh never fligth with the top of the beach, but anyway he is visited Lessay's Aerodrome!


The name of "Lindbergh-Beach" appeared at the time of a real estate transaction with Denneville.


The purpose of this operation which was not born, was to create a seaside resort of luxury.


constituted amongst other things:


- of a monument dedicated to Lindbergh

- of an aerodrome

- of sports shirt and racecourses

- of a lake with Yatching-club and bases for seaplanes

- course of tennis, Golf

- hotels, of a Casino etc.






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For proof, this publicity of time:





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Here a document of the Lindbergh Committee, presentation of the dated May 20, 1931 model.


















From which does the name of the Lessay's Aerodrome named "Lindbergh" come from ?


As the name which the Aerodrome of Lessay carries, Lindberg passed well in the town of Lessay or it was accepted by the Prefects of the English Channel, Cherbourg and of Coutances.

It is during this reception that the Aerodrome was named "Lindberg", after agreement of the interested party.


Hereafter an extract of the "Newspaper of Coutances and District" dated June 11, 1927.



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